Geoff Booras grew up outside Boston where he spent most of his time playing sports, building forts in the woods, and learning to sail on a small lake. He was quite interested in making things and learning about the natural world.

At Skidmore College, he pursued a degree in Geology and spent the rest of his time in the ceramics studio, receiving a minor degree in Studio Art. 

After college, Booras was honored with a year-long apprentice position under renown ceramic artist Toshiko Takaezu in Quakertown, NJ. He lived in an unheated room above the kiln and studio space. This year would resonate as one of the most formative experiences of his life.

Following this, he worked as a carpenter for a few years around Boston. He traveled. He trained and climbed mountains (summited Denali and Mt. Rainer, 2008). And he bounced around the country, before joining the US Peace Corps.  

The Peace Corps sent him to live in a small village in the NW province of Zambia. He was called a Forestry and Agricultural Extension Officer, but worked mostly with farmers to be more efficient and sustainable in their practices.

In May 2013 Booras received an MFA degree in ceramics from the State University of New York at New Paltz.

Now he's making art and trying to be a good person.