Buoys and grids

This new work is part of series of ceramic sculptures that respond to infrastructure, as an idea and in form. Based on the unmistakable horn-shape of a large ship’s cowl vent, Portal Pairing produces an impression of performance, simultaneously calling-out and listening. Communication the flow of ideas and materials is the basis of all infrastructure; this sculpture reveals the hidden pathways of our material/resource transmissions.

Other "Buoy" forms relate to navigational markers and result from my thinking about how to navigate global sea-level rise and the environmental effects of climate change. These stand as fictional markers, signaling a safe path, dangerous stretch ahead, or highwater mark.

"Wall Geometries and XYZ Structure" relate to grids and tesselating patterns found in infrastructural networks. They also speak to digital design and technology that pervade our environment and psyche. By creating these by hand, I question what "digital" means.