the anthropocene

Anthropocene: A newly defined geologic era (essentially to replace Holocene 10,000 years to present) in which the period of human impact on the lithosphere is the definitive characteristic.

The Marcellus shale formation, rich with natural gas, is accessible in the Hudson River valley along roadside outcrops. Through experiments with the shale as a ceramic material- glazing, firing, decaling, and milling it into workable slip, I transform this resource. My use of Marcellus shale also stands as a concept- comparing ecological ruination with the benefits of a modern petroleum-based world.

Simultaneously, I am creating my own fossil record from artifacts and impressions of human activity in order to proclaim objective scientific proof to the geologic era: anthropocene, which defines the last era of geologic time by the ubiquitous and lasting mark of species homo sapien sapien.

This work runs as a parallel to the drill bits. It speaks to a greater concern about the use and overuse of fossil fuels in the context of geologic time. I am condensing time, concepts, and material into one strata.